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Major Companies Hault Russian Sales

For nearly two weeks, the entire world has watched Russia and Ukraine, or as it was so simply spelled out for us by the VP...

"So, Ukraine is a country in Europe.”

“It exists next to another country called Russia,” she continued. “Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong, and it goes against everything that we stand for.”

After all the bars. restaurants, liquor stores and more in the US have stopped selling Russian made products, huge corporations like McDonalds, Coca Cola and Starbucks have  joined the list of firms halting business in Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. 

McDonalds is temporarily closing roughly 850 restaurants and Starbucks said it will shut 100 coffee shops. Coca Cola is suspending its operations. Pepsi, which has a much larger presence, is halting the production and sale of Pepsi and other global brands in Russia. 

There is a growing list of conglomerates that are either halting their production in Russia or no longer delivering their products to the people of Russia. I can "get on board" with companies no longer shipping items to Russia. I understand their stance to not supply a "bully" country with the privileges of L'Oreal cosmetics. 

I don't understand the shutting down of places that employee Russians. These people have families to take care, households to provide for. They didn't make the decision to invade another country. They are just trying to survive. I'm pretty certain Putin couldn't care less if his people lived or died, he is trying to make a statement, period! 

Make it make sense. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this situation.




  • Bullying is wrong, it is wrong when kids do it to other kids and it is wrong when a country does it to another country just because they do not like the direction they heading. If Russia wouldn’t have this old stock pile of nuclear weapon, the war would be over already because the world would have stopped it. But because of this, a military conflict that involves the US or Nato would most likely end in a nuclear holocaust and everyone that doesn’t understand what this means should get his last sense together and google it. There are currently only two ways to end this war. First is to build economic and financial pressure inside Russia against Putin so his people will force him to change direction or he will be removed from his position. Second, he must have given him a way out of the war without loosing his face but nobody really knows his real agenda, we are all only guessing and hearing what he said it is what we can blindly belief or not. The first counter measure is already happening but the second becomes more and more unlikely the longer the war continues. Putin misjudged the situation with the Ukraine. He invaded two countries before and nobody really cared but now the world stand up for Ukraine and he gets a massive backlash. His original plan to end the war and invade the Ukraine in ten days failed. He is currently confronted with insufficient maintained military gear and bad trained soldier with low motivation with an overall uncoordinated execution. Nobody really understand the reason for this war. His Propaganda fails to convince and he gets more and more isolated. Yes, there are a lot of innocent people suffering the consequences in Russia and the Ukraine but this is always the case if you have a dictator regime. This concept is to old for the time we are living in, all countries are so closely networked together most people do not realize it. What we do not need are guys with such mentality in there head. We just got rid of a Putin fan here in the US that would have loved to convert the US into a new Russia. Someone full of stupid and childish ideas like painting Chinese Logos on US Jet’s and bomb Russia so they thing it would be China and then they start war with each other. This is not a joke and injecting bleach in your body to get rid of covid was also not a joke – both comments are dangerous and stupid at the same time. I never want to see such a stupid leader in this great country. Nobody is perfect and you never get 100% of what you want but for the handling of the current situation, he has my full support.

  • What is happening in Ukraine is unforgivable. Putin has proved himself to be a true barbaric war criminal. I fully support sanctions against him and his close supporters, as well as cutting off purchases from Russia where possible.

    I have been buy materials directly from Russian manufactures for years. You quickly learn with whom you can trust and th0se you can not trust. I’ve never had quality issues or not received what I ordered, but I am an experienced import buyer.

    I now have customers that refuse to accept anything manufactured in Russia. I think it will change in the months ahead when they realize they CAN’T GET IT manufactured in the USA. Based on our on short sighted way that many US firms plan quarter by quarter-VS- long term.

    As a direct response to decisions made by McDonalds, Starbucks and others, I hope the closure of so many US and other nations business send a wake up call to the citizens of Russia are being fed BS. It also should be a wake up call that when their president calls them “SCUM and TRAITORS and they should be eliminated”, they should rise up and get ride of him. The small suffering that the Russian people feel is NOTHING compared to the brutal and sense loss of life they have imposed on the innocent people of UKRAINE!!

    John W

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